Using Coconut Fiber Safe for Bedding for Bearded Dragons?

In the modern world, men and women are stressed with hectic schedules and the fear of getting failed in their careers. Due to this stress, people are freaked out not to settle with a companion into a relation or marriage. However, at a certain point in time, you need someone for compassionate love. The space of a lover is nowadays replaced with domestic pets.

With modernization, people are getting inclined towards petting wildlife animals and reptiles. Bearded dragons are one of those reptiles that are getting petted by people. These are mainly found in arid and warm areas such as deserts, subtropical woodlands, scrublands, and savannas.  They are affectionately petted in the united states for the decades.

We are here assisting with the best bedding for bearded dragons that assist in providing them comfort in their habitat. Additionally, we are sharing if coconut fiber is safe for bearded dragons bedding.

Using Coconut Fiber Safe for Bedding for Bearded Dragons?

Is Coconut Fiber Safe?

The foremost thing about coconut fiber bedding is that it is loose type bedding and natural bedding that provides the natural habitat vibe accurately. If you have opted for a beardy newly, then you can surely opt for coconut fiber. It is essential for one to take specific care of your bearded dragon when providing them coconut fiber.

The loose type feel of the coconut feels really natural and familiar to bearded dragons. However, it also has several disadvantages for your pet. Getting loose bedding like coconut fiber can be messy evidently. The texture of the coconut can create a lot of hassle for you while cleaning; also if you have placed for any of the eating or drinking pots in the ambiance of your pet, then it would also get messy.

Another problem with coconut bedding is that if any chance bearded dragon swallowed, then it would get stuck in their digestive system. Coconut fiber is not at all easy to digest and would lead to several infections to a bearded dragon.

Therefore, it is better to avoid coconut fiber for your pet as it might their health into danger. So, it is optimal to choose for the best bedding for bearded dragons that are safe and comfortable.

Top Recommendations of Bedding for Bearded Dragons!

Bearded dragons look exactly the same to their name that includes for the beard of spikes that is under a chin that puffs up according to their mood. Mainly eight species of these bearded dragons are popular, and they are usually called beardies with compassion by their pet parents.

Loose bedding:

The foremost recommendation of bedding is sand and other materials that are known as loose bedding. Bearded dragons are usually found in the arid areas in the warm seasons, so these are usually seen in the sand running around the pebbles. Pebbles can be added to their habitats for making them feel more familiar. However, many pet owners believe that loose bedding increases the chances of impaction that lead to a situation of blockage of intestinal that usually leads to death if accurate precautions are not practiced. However, using non-silica sands would be optimal for adult bearded dragons that are less likely to suffer through impaction.


If you are willing to find a convincing substrate for your bearded dragon that can come in handy for your pet, then a newspaper substrate would be optimal. It is easily available to you and prevents you from several medical complications. Getting a newspaper substrate is easy to maintain and not messy too. So if you want to keep the habitat of your bearded dragon clean, then it is optimal to choose for a newspaper substrate. Additionally, you can get a newspaper substrate that is shredded recycled and consist of the washed newspaper. It makes newspaper best bedding for bearded dragons without any risk of impaction.

  • Reptile carpets:

Often called cage liners and reptile carpets is the easier approach to the good bedding of the bearded dragons. It has consisted of synthetic carpets that are made with stimulation of grass or deserts. It is easy to lay into the cage of the bearded dragons and covers the bottom appropriately. However, the loops of cage liners might cause them to pull off them by bearded dragons. While finding the appropriate cage liners for your pet, consider going for one with tightly weaved for avoiding any complication in the long term.

Hence, these are some of the appropriate bedding or substrates for your bearded dragons. It is better to consider good quality bedding to avoid any complications to your pet. It is good to consider the health of your pet as they are compassionate lovers of yours.

Pro tip:

well, you have taken a deep insight into the details regarding choosing good bedding for bearded dragons. Here is a pro tip for choosing good bedding or substrates; it is better to go for those that are easy to clean, safer options, inexpensive, and easy to find that causes no harm to your beardy. It is better to avoid any loose substrate like soil or coconut fiber that would lead your pet to an unwanted medical problem in the long term. So, it is better to approach for convincing bedding for your pet to devoid futuristic complications and get bedding that is good for the long run.

The bottom line

In the details stated above, we can conclude to the aspect that it is appropriate for choosing the best bedding for bearded dragons that would provide them comfort and ease. In addition, it is not really safe for people to choose natural substrates like sand and coconut fiber, as it is controversial for their health. It is better to opt for other recommendations of substrates that would do well and are safest for bearded dragons.

You can surely be considerate regarding paper towels, tile, unprinted newspapers, reptile carpet, and butcher paper that goes well for bearded dragon surely. We hope you find details enlisted above informative and useful for taking optimal care of your bearded dragon.

How to Choose Best Hamster Cage?

The importance of a right cage

In lieu of the quality of the life of one’s hamster, which includes the overall health and well-being, it is imperative that a good hamster cage is selected for the hamster, as it is a very crucial investment that one can make for their hamster. A wide range of factors to choose from, including the types, layouts, about the species, as well as the size, the safety that shall be guaranteed, are in play, and one has to be very careful in selecting as well as settling down on one type of cage for their hamsters, as it will play a very vital role in determining the kind of life the hamster will get to enjoy.

The wrong cage can prove to be a significant obstacle in the life of the hamster and might hamper the condition of the lifestyle of the hamster.

How do we choose the right cage for our hamsters?

How to Choose Best Hamster Cage?

Firstly, size plays a significant role in the selection process. The minimum size that is highly recommended is 18inches*13 inches*25 inches, which refer to the width, height, and length respectively. 450 square inches are the minimum space these hamsters would require to live humanly and function, in an enclosed space.

However, these requirements are the bare minimum for a hamster to survive. If, one is getting a hamster as a pet, it is highly important, that we not only look after their survival, but better living conditions with ample amounts of care. Hence, it is important that the hamster cage is bigger and more spacious, to allow them to play and roam around more freely. Also, sections need to be allotted for these creatures to store their foods, use the washroom. It is very important to recognize the kind of hamsters that one has, identify the species, and do the appropriate research, as there is a huge variety among hamsters, and they need to be taken care of differently.


How to Choose Best Hamster Cage?

Good and proper ventilation is another important factor that should be kept in mind while selecting a cage. Poor or bad ventilation can lead to a number of respiratory ailments for these poor creatures, as they need a good space to breathe. Bad ventilation can also lead to fungal or bacterial growths, further causing such infections. Aquariums or plastic cages can have very bad ventilation, whereas wire cages are properly ventilated. Thus, a proper wire cage with the right dimensions is suggested. Also, appropriate research needs to be done on the types of cages by the owners so that their hamsters do not suffer through ailments.

A cage that can be cleaned easily is important as at the end of the day, hamsters are pets, and living beings. This makes it important that it is made sure, that their cages are cleaned every once in a while, and taken great care of. Thus, it is also important to have a secondary cage in times like these, when your primary cage needs cleaning, and you need to place your hamster somewhere. Different kinds of cages require different levels of cleaning. Plastic cages can pose the maximum issues while cleaning due to their multi-faceted components. Also, cages with poor ventilation would require additional cleaning.


How to Choose Best Hamster Cage?

Solid floors are required for cages to provide a firm ground for hamsters to rest and place their steps. We do not want the hamsters to have their feet caught in the wires or to trip over, or face issues such as injuries. Thus, it is also essential that a sturdy and solid ground is ensured for the hamsters so that they do not face any issues

Now, different species of hamsters have different requirements. This also makes them have different kinds of living conditions, and in turn, different cages. Smaller hamsters might have different requirements, pertaining to the minute details, while bigger hamsters may require more space. So, proper analysation on the species and their requirements is essential.

Selecting, and settling down on a cage is a very important investment and helps one in the longer run. However, it is also important that people keep in mind their budgets and do not go overboard with this whole idea. The idea is to settle down on a cage that is good, but not necessarily the most expensive one in the market, or one that burns a hole in the pocket of the one who has to make the purchase.

How we need to learn and educate ourselves about the cages

How to Choose Best Hamster Cage?

We need to do our researches and learn about the different kinds of cages in the markets. For instance, wire cages, which are the most preferred ones, can often have issues with spacing, which id an aspect, one needs to learn about. Similarly, it is very suitable for Syrian hamsters, so it is also important that one does the proper research about the respective species, and cages about their requirements.

Plastic cages are multi-faceted and have a lot of components. They can also be visually pleasing and serve as a playground for the hamsters with the availability of a lot of tunnels. However, these are only for hamsters smaller in size as the larger ones could get stuck and this could prove to be a big problem.

Aquariums are not precisely designed keeping hamsters in mind, so they need to have proper mesh tops and are better suited for smaller hamsters. Also, additional purchases might have to be done

Final verdict:

Lastly, in the growing market for cages, we have an option called bin cages. Now, these are caging that one makes on his/her own. They are comparatively a lot cheaper on anyone’s pockets and can suit a lot of people’s budgets.

Thus, a lot of research, analyzations have to go into the buying of the appropriate cage for one’s hamster. Along with it, people need to keep in mind the budget and their requirements about the species of the hamster.