About us

My name is Catherine Morgan.  For years I had thought about opening a pet sitting business.  Timing is everything in life; and when life is ready, things happen to usually steer us towards our destiny.

Well, a very sad and specific incident finally pushed me to this path I had so longly dreamed.  I owned a beautiful 1/2 lab/austrailian shepherd puppy.  I raised and trained him from 8 weeks old until 1.5 years to be a disability and agility trained companion.  Well I had to leave out of town and boarded him a local facility for one week in which I instructed them to take him out three to four times a day and work him with the frisbee or ball because he was a working dog and needed the exercise.  One week later I returned and my dog’s whole hind quarters had atrophied (muscles all shrunk and withered) and he could barley get up.  He had to pull himself up with his front legs.  Mind you this once a less than 2 year old dog.

There was nothing I could do or prove; so three pet specialist and almost a year of medications later still rendered my Awesome Austin in horrible pain still to where he was crying just to get out of bed.  This was inhumane and I had to put him to sleep.  This was the turning point to strike all fear out of me and to open-up a private business, and that is how Precious Pet Pal LLC opened in April of 2007.

Thus PPP is able to provide an alternative to kennel-boarding with what I consider a more loving, crate-free environment for your beloved family member’s vacation; and we provide other outstanding pet services. The dogs are treated as our own pets in an open and social environment.  Our regular customers particularly value the honesty and integrity of our association.